Home Learning Hub: Free Activities

Can’t get out to see us in person? Let us come to you! Bring heritage to your home and learning into your living room with our Biggin Hill Memorial Museum Armchair Explorers activities.

Here are ten things you could do to bring our museum to you…


1.Try Our Flying High Challenge

Email our director Katie Edwards on [email protected] to get a free model plane, draw a design on it based on a real plane or create one of your own then make your own flying machine and see how far it will fly. Send us your pictures to win prizes for creativity and design.

Get your Flying High pack


2. Make a poppy

Learn how to knit or crochet then create a remembrance poppy. Click on the patterns below to make one.

Download our poppy patterns (Pdfs)


3. Try our Museum Matching Cards

Simply print and cut the cards out. Shuffle them then play them like a game of snap. Alternatively, use them as a memory game by placing them face down on the table taking it in turns to turn them over and match them up. Download the cards from the links below:

Armchair Explorers Flash Cards 1

Armchair Explorers Flash Cards 2

Armchair Explorers Flash Cards 3

Armchair Explorers Flash Cards 4

Armchair Explorers Flash Cards 5

Armchair Explorers Flash Cards 6

Armchair Explorers Flash Cards 7

Armchair Explorers Flash Cards 8

Armchair Explorers Flash Cards 9

Armchair Explorers Flash Cards 10


4. Take our Battle of Britain quiz for kids

Do you know your Heinkels from your Hurricanes and your ATS from your WVS? Take our Battle of Britain quiz to find out …

Armchair Explorers Quiz


5. Read a Second World War-themed book or watch a film

Immerse yourself in the sights and sounds of the Second World War by reading a book or watching a film. Discover our list of recommended reading and top screen suggestions.

Download our Biggin Hill Book Club recommendations (Word doc)

Download our Biggin Hill Big Screen suggestions (Word doc)


6. Discover how Biggin Hill WAAF Elizabeth ‘Joan’ Mortimer won her Military Medal for Bravery

Read the true story about what Joan did at RAF Biggin Hill on 18th August 1940. Carry out your own research and write a newspaper report about her courageous deeds. Resources below:

Download our Elizabeth Joan Mortimer presentation (Powerpoint)

Download our newspaper report template (pdf)


7. Learn about the important dates at RAF Biggin Hill during the Battle of Britain

Try out the first session in our series of free Writing Home lessons. You can download a PowerPoint and resources by clicking the link below (suitable for 9 – 11-year-olds).
Find out more about Writing Home


8. Be an armchair archivist

Explore the Biggin Hill Memorial Museum’s collection online using the link below. Research your favourite object and write us a museum blurb on the museum label attached in the link below. Can you do it in 250 words? Send it to us for a chance to win prizes.

Download your Armchair Explorers object label (Word doc)


9. Design the interior of an Anderson Shelter

There were air raid shelters all over the airfield during the Second World War and Anderson shelters were a common sight in people’s gardens in Biggin Hill as indeed they were all over the country. Design a bird’s eye view (looking from the top down without the roof) of the inside of an Anderson Shelter – what personal objects and items would you make sure you had inside? Then create your own shoebox shelter. See the details in the link below:

Download our Anderson Shelter factsheet (Word doc)

Download our Anderson Shelter storyboard (Word doc)


10. Try our Second World War craft activity ideas

We run lots of craft sessions for children at Biggin Hill Memorial Museum. Delve into our archive of craft instructions and use whatever materials you have at hand at home to get creative. Click on the links below.

Caterpillar Club – flag-bunting instructions

Caterpillar Club flag making

Bunting Template

Nightingale Cafe Design

Plane Spotting Activity 1

Plane spotting activity 2

plane spotting activity 3 answers

Try this fantastic Spitfire Colouring Page!